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a chance to reconsider that vote for scott brown was two and a half years later, and in that election, massachusetts frankly ree investigatored to form and picked the democrat. they picked elizabeth warren to oust scott brown from that senate seat he held for less than a term. the elizabeth warren/scott brown race was pretty close by massachusetts standards. the margin in the senate race, this election, had the democrat winning by eight points, which sounds like a lot in a normal state that would be a lot. but in the presidential race, the democrat won the presidential race by a heck of a lot more than 8 points. the democrat won by 23 points. and that is a fairly normal margin by which democrats beat republicans in the state of massachusetts. so given that, scott brown losing by only eight can be considered kind of a victory. it's at least pretty close. and after that loss, that scott brown loss, and than credibly-expensive and hard-fought race, immediately thereafter, republicans wanted to talk about how to get scott brown back to washington. and now today to them it seems so close t
in in january, today, the scott brown for senate campaign 2.0 got everything it could hope for from john mccain, lindsey graham from john mccain, lindsey graham and kelly ayotte after their meeting with ambassador rice. >> we are significantly troubled by many of the answers that we got. >> bottom line, i'm more disturbed now than before. >> i'm more troubled today. >> senator mccain's embarrassing past with libya includes a meeting in tripoli in 2009 with gadhafi to discuss the possible delivery of military equipment to that dictator at his side at that meeting, as usual of course, was lindsey graham. also joining him was senator joe lieberman. today sh after meeting with ambassador rice, joe lieberman chose not to join the baseless criticism of ambassador rice. >> based on what she has said as clearly as possible, backed up by the director of the cia, i think it wouldn't be fair to disqualify her based on what she said. >> ambassador rice released this statement after meeting with the republican senators. while we certainly wish we had >> ambassador rice released this statement after meet
of the administrative costs and scott brown in massachusetts was right when he reported that senator warren was making 4--ing you to -- $300 to teach one course. >> with certain viewers, i will cut them all the way to zero. and i think that the football program should be moved into a for profit subsidary. the university is for learning and football you do on your own time like going to the pool hall. >> john, what do you think of that solution? >> it is ridiculous. look at what happened to usc. university of the spoil would children and now it is impossible to get into. why pete carol arrived and donations to the school soaredlet >> but they are soaring because they are tax exempt. to bill's point. the colleges and universities are out of control because they are nonprofit. they have 40 administrators for every one student. and i don't know why stunes are giting squeezed when football is so profitable. nand they stand up for the university of the sphoil would children, go ahead, rich. >> and pete carol was running out and scandal trailing him the whole way. sc is a great school and more frominent over t
a massachusetts senate seat for scott brown. so it could all be a way of getting back another republican in the united states senate. don't know for sure. just sayin'. all right. we'll look into that and a whole lot more here but first standing by with today's current news update, lisa ferguson in los angeles. hi lisa. take it away. >> hey bill, thanks. good morning everyone. as president heads to meet with leaders of the business world this afternoon politico is reporting that john boehner and his leadership team are making plans to meet with some of these very same executives. now the irony here is that obama and boehner still have no plans to meet themselves face-to-face. the two did meet before congress' thanksgiving recess along with the other two three members of the house and the senate. they had plans to meet again this week but still nothing is scheduled. it is not a great sign and shows that the two groups are practically incapable of working together. the last time obama and boehner tried putting together a big
, as joy-ann said, this machiavellian game, basically let's get kerry in this position and then scott brown could take over his seat, run for that seat in massachusetts, we get scott brownbach in? >> this is a little delicate because i know so many people involved. this is what i'll tell you from what i have heard. i have heard senator kerry stands ready to serve and is interested. i have heard from people close to white house that president obama strongly believes in susan rice and is leaning towards selecting her. i think he'd be happy with either of them because they're such strong foreign policy people. but what i've heard at this point in time subject to change is they are serious absusan rice. there isn't a big head fake here at this point. >> chip, to ari's point about the fact that rice is at a deficit going after ambassador rice on such an attack, such shaky ground, is it completely irrational what they're doing with ayotte and graham and mccain coming out to talk about the fact that they're meeting with ambassador rice leaves them scratching their heads and with more questions? of
jersey and some people were thinking about the opportunity for republicans. >> scott brown. >> scott brown is very popular and that's one angle. conservatives also have policy priorities, and one thing we have noticed is that while senator collins has gone one way, criticizing susan rice. i suspect that there are also people that are skeptical that senator kerry shares that position. >> he's more dovish than rice. >> a lot of folks including bill crystal who actually care about these things, are saying wait a second, republicans, susan rice might be a better pick than john kerry. >> he was very careful and he's been careful to not say he's for or against susan rice but he did have a warning for the president. here he is. >> i would just ask that the president step away from all the buzz around this particular situation and take a deep breath and decide who is the best secretary of state for our country, at this time when we have so many issues to deal with. >> i don't know whether that was a veiled reference to pick someone else or not. but the question, tim, is does the administrati
about john kerry, they want to get scott brown elected in a special election. if john kerry is nominated they could lose a senate seat. a lot of other democrats that say look, president obama should not waste his political capital on susan rice. we have a fiscal cliff, we want to do immigration reform. why have this nasty fight. john kerry has been a loyal deputy to president obama. let him get through here. john kerry gave him the speaking role at the '04 convention, john kerry endorsed him after he lost new hampshire in 2008. john kerry has been loyal. it's his turn. that's the interesting subplot along with the gop attacks on susan rice, not only for how she dealt with benghazi but now susan collins a moderate opening up about her time in the clinton administration back in the late '90s. >> intrigue on capitol hill, mckay. i thought it was because the gop loved john kerry, thought he was the best dude for the job. not anything to do with controlling the senate or having more power. as luke says, this seems to be as nakedly political as anything gets. this is absolutely a target on sus
, which would then open up a vacancy and lead to a special election in massachusetts that scott brown would then be teed up for. is there an effort here that has to do with senate politics, raw politics? >> absolutely absurd, andrea. i would remind you, this is an issue i was pursuing and others long before the election, before we knew whether scott brown was going to win that election. i think that claim is absurd. >> and finally, do you have any concerns about weakening her? she is now the u.n. ambassador. there's an important debate tomorrow on palestinian statehood in the general assembly. this is being played out before the entire world. if she does get nominated and does get confirmed and your questions are answered, and even now in her current job are we weakening her as the representative of the united states? >> andrea, i think that those issues will be decided on their own, but let me put it this way -- it was really the administration that has floated her name for this incredibly important position. it was the white house who asked her to go on every single sunday show in w
call it out. i think it has, you know, put scott brown on defense. i also think that i'd never heard her talk about what i just mentioned, that she was one of the first women to teach in the united states. and to really call forth some of that history. because she is not islam but first women to teach, but she was one of the first to teach in contact bankruptcy and support. i was worried about the extraordinary history of her writing as a scholar around bankruptcy. i have heard her say more on jon stewart then i heard her during the official advertisement. she was almost afraid in that stereotype sensors being seen as too much of a know it all or a goody two shoes. >> i profiled her for "the new york times" magazine. it was quite clear that they were urging her to take the seat. when she was off the record, there were certainly thoughtful conversations about gender and race and it was the 20th anniversary of anita hill. the 20th anniversary of the hearings. the moment that they stormed the senate. but it was clear that part of her strategy, there was not to be a discussion about her
with respect to the healthcare debate. the democrats had 60 votes, but then scott brown won ted kennedy's old seat. and they weren't going have enough votes to get the actual healthcare law passed in the senate if they needed another 60 votes because scott brown was that last person who could helpful buster. they changed the rules to alloy to you push it through with 51 votes. it's been used on major legislation. whatever party is not in power. this is dangerous for senator reid. >> sure it is. watch out what you are hoping for here. when the republicans are black power and this is -- in our republic that happens. the republicans are in power. the republicans are in power. how is minority leader harry reid going to feel about the filibuster being gone? they will be objecting to it. all the things republicans can be saying if this takes place. be careful what you wish for. the reality is this would and dramatic reshaping of the entire way in which the legislative process is run. remember the senate was supposed to be the body of the legislature that would allow for cooling off so cooler heads
this and say if you are an arlen specter or rudman or scott brown, you are also welcome into the party. because you may be pro-choice, pro gay rights, whatever the case may be, you're welcome. to sit here in washington, d.c. around a table and a thing of scotch and determine who the republican nominee is going to be is absolutely ludicrous and ridiculous. we need to go back to the basics of letting the best person win the primary -- >> you are talking in circles. i'm trying to figure out why the region party tends to have had an unusual load of crazy people running to the point they disturb the image of the party. mourdock hurt romney. let's be honest here. akin hurt romney. sharron angle hurt the party and still hurts the party. i think people like michele bachmann still hurt the party. allen west hurts the people. these people are so far over i will argue they make the republican party look whacky and loony as steve schmitz said the other day. >> i'll tell you would -- go ahead, erin. >> i was going to say let's go back to dan's first comment. dan is a smart guy but that was naive of him to s
senate and get rid of scott brown. 1-866-55-press. jennifer speaks truth to power. >>the bottom line is we need an amendment. >>now it's your turn. connect with "the war room" jennifer granholm. >>it's a call to arms. make your voice heard. >> jennifer: so while the oil industry and the right wing are fighting against a national clean energy policy in the united states, guess what. china has a very, very focused and intense strategy. for example china's finance ministry announced it would set aside up to $321 million each year for clean energy electric vehicle research and development. just for those kind of cars. just for research and development. now, they're doing a heck of a lot more. for a closer look at what american electric car policies should be, we're bringing on lisa, the author of the book "oil on the brain," petroleum's long, strange trip to your tank. she comes us to from new york where she's a senior research fellow at the new america foundation. lisa, thank you so much for joining us inside "the war room." >
that scott brown would be able to pull that senate seat from the democrats, but then to move him over to the secretary of defense would still create that same problem and it's not really the position that kerry wants. it's an interesting jigsaw puzzle we're looking at, and you might have a difficult -- susan rice is having a tough time for secretary of state, i wouldn't be shocked see republicans make an issue of john kerry giving everything we've dealt with with his presidential bid. >> good to see both of you, thank you. >> thanks. >>> also making news this morning, new york governor andrew cuomo is asking the federal government for $42 billion for recovery and rebuilding saying hurricane sandy was worse than katrina in some ways. the governor said while more people were killed by katrina, sandy had a bigger economic impact because of the dense population of the new york city area. cuomo has invited house speaker john boehner to come to new york to tour the damage. >>> a peanut processing plant linked to salmonella won't we open today as planned. the fda stopped operations at sunlan
. >> stephanie: the rumor is that they'll nominate john kerry and scott brown can run and get a senate seat back. who knows. >> cenk: well, the rumor here as you probably know, that dynamic would be in play any way. >> stephanie: that's what i was thinking. he's going to be nominated any way. >> caller: i don't know what their game is. >> stephanie: who knows. it's always like a rubics cube. thank you for joining us were the bourbon caucus. we love him. >> i love him so much. >> stephanie: felecia, go ahead. >> caller: you keep calling me felecia, i love it. >> feletia. >> caller: john mccain needs to settle down on the criticism of susan rice. he was going with sarah palin. that's ridiculous. i want to lend my support to your gay rights issues. in the community that you face, it's actually ridiculous to think that we should put opinions of christians on people and just tell them the truth. >> stephanie: yeah, you know i-- >> caller: regardless, because that's what jesus did. hehe said i'm going to love you regardless. >> stephanie: he never said anything about homosexuality which why i don't ge
they want to seat to open up in the senate to put scott the brown in there, as well. >> cenk: that's a great point. that's why they call him epic. i call him epic. >> cenk: a movie about getting bin laden but of course, there's controversy. >> the whole world's going to want to know this. >> the republican party characterizing the script and the movie before i had even written a word. >> cenk: that's funny. we're going to talk to mike lacy about that. later, the elbow of the day. i'll tell you what it is. it's republican on republican crime, and it is fun. tell them it's like being nestled in an eight-way, adjustable, heated and ventilated seat surrounded by a 500-watt sound system while floating on a suspension made of billowy clouds. or you could just hand them your keys. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >>i jump out of my skin at people when i'm upset. do you share the sense of this corruption based on corruption based on corruption. >>i think that's an understatement, eliot. u>> i'm not prone tot. understatement, so explain to me why that is. i thi
of the civil war when he finally retires. but he -- jacob brown, a few other officers, but scott is the most important. they become very much -- their agenda very much is to build a proper professional institution and take expertise, usually european, usually french, and bring it to the united states. so, another major figure of this would be astaire, who was sent on a mission to france, basically to collect information about military education. he collects huge numbers of books and material. comes back to west point, and with the support of people like scott -- scott becomes a permanent general during the war of 1812 -- he is able to systemize the west point curriculum and experience that been the had not been the case before. >> host: when was west point founded? >> guest: 1802. i think historians still argue about what thomas jefferson was really after when the school was founded. but no one disagrees the school is institutionally weak, unclear what the purpose of the institution is. there's not very systemized instruction. cadets are older, some younger, and to this day he is called the
. the administration lost control of it, wrestle it back after scott brown and after they lost their majority in january the following year, but then, of course, occupy wall street adds welcoming up -- as well coming up. obama keeps them at arms' length for the most part. i think the thinking, and i hear this from progressive activists over the last few days is a bit of a -- what's that line, lbj, you know, says to various leaders of his day, make me do it. you know, -- marlin -- martin luther king and others, make me do it. people are getting a system that obama and the signaling system of america, there is a need, even after obama's done, after a new election, there's a sense of a new start is make him arise in new ways to the challenge of the moment. that's an interestst -- interesting moment, looking back in 2009, thinking clearly with a hard eye about maybe what he might have done and now having a fresh hundred days to capitalize on. >> do you agree with john that he's essentially a pragmatist? >> i do. i do think he's a pragmatist. it's interesting. i think that he's a guy who, in my re
. the vessel it back after scott brown unless their majority in january the following year. you can't occupy wall street is so coming up out of the white firmament of america and the fall of 2011. obama keeps them in arms length for the most part and i think thinking, and i hear this a lot from progressive that this over the last few weeks and certainly the last few days is with that line, lbj, you know, says taveras leaders of this day, make me do it. martin luther king and others. make they did the right thing. people are starting to get a sense that obama had this signaling system that there is a need, no doubt about it. after all obama has done there's a sense of a new start is make him a rise in new ways to the challenge of the moment. that's in interesting moment in terms of looking back at his first 100 days in 2009, thinking clearly about maybe what he might've done and now having a fresh 100 days to capitalize on. >> do you agree with john geddes disinterested dramatists? >> i do think he is a pragmatist. i think that he is a guy who in my reporting, you find him sending a travel of
prefer john kerry, freeing up space for scott brown. susan rice has degrees from stanford and oxford. patty, republican caller. caller: i wonder if this gentleman is aware that cnn had no problem going into this embassy to find documents. it was deliberate that did not send in the fbi to investigate. this was right before an election, and this gentleman is not sure why it took so long? also, c-span should have done some in depth shows before the election. i am disappointed in how you protected president obama in comparison to the-shows when president bush was president. part of the problem in ameritech is -- in america is the media should put under their caption white house stenographer. there was also a laser with where the attacks were, and that is why he got killed. he was an absolute hero. guest: there is concern with talking points in the mainstream media, as it is called, but in my defense i have written very critical things about barack obama and his presidency over the last three years, and we try our best to be even-handed. host: rob. manassas, virginia. caller: what has bef
to be a vote in a special election, scott brown just loss. there's a lot of press going on in addition to the president having to make a tough policy choice. >> thank you very much. john king reporting. republicans on capitol hill keep asking the president to show them where he wants to cut not just who he wants to tax. joining us now is the number three man in the senate republican leadership, senator john thune of south dakota. senator, thanks very much for coming in. >> good afternoon, wolf. >> before i get to the fiscal cliff and the taxes, spending cuts, are you ready to make an announcement on how you would vote as far as confirmation of susan rice is concerned if the president nominated her to be secretary of state? >> i'm not ready to make that determination right now. but i do think that her meetings up here have raised lots of questions. and there are more reservations about her now than there were before. and that's a problem for her at least with republicans here in the senate. whether or not she could get confirmed, i don't know. but i think she would have a considerable a
that debate during that summer, and the administration loses control of it. they wrestle it back after scott brown and after they lost their majority in january of the following year, but then, of course, you've got occupy wall street as welcoming out of the wide firmament of america in the fall of 2011. obama sort of keeps them at arm's length for the part, and i think the thinking -- and i hear this a lot, actually, from a lot of progressive activists over the last few weeks and certainly the last few days -- is a wit of, what's that line, lbj, you know, says to various leaders of his day, make me do it, you know? martin luther king and others, go out there and make me do the right thing. i think people are starting to get a sense that obama in this signaling system between the president and the country that is in need, no doubt about it, even after all obama's done, after a new election there's a sense of a new start is make him arise in new ways to the challenge of the moment. and i think that's an interesting moment he's in now in terms of looking back at his first hyundais in 2009 -- h
or seen, the we you is it. gregg: we love target at our house. steve brown in chicago at target. thank you very much. patti ann: less than 15 minutes away from "happening now." jon scott is here now to tell us what is coming up. jon: good morning to you. straight ahead a prominent republican breaks ranks saying he cares more about the country than a 20-year-old antitax pledge put forth by a prominent conservative. this will empower the president in the fiscal cliff negotiation stph-s a fair & balanced debate on that. one indiana county slammed with the largest outbreak of chickenpox in the nation. more than 80 kids down with the illness, hundreds sent home from school. how is this happening when there is a vaccine readily available. a physician of family medicine here to tell us all there and more when we join you at the top of the hour for "happening now." patti ann: looking forward to it. and also coming up oscar winning actress halle berry in the middle of a dramatic thanksgiving fight between her former and current boyfriends. it all led to charges of battery and arrests. we have that
Search Results 0 to 30 of about 31 (some duplicates have been removed)